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35 T-Shirt order costs 337.50. 56 cost 516. Include shipping and handling. Cost per shirt? Shipping and handling Charge? Linear Equation?

The first order was for 35 T-shirts and it cost $337.50. The second order was for 56 T-shirts and it cost $516. The prices include a standard shipping and handling charge. What is the cost per shirt? What is the shipping and handling charge? Write a linear equation to represent the situation.

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Al P. | Online Mathematics tutorOnline Mathematics tutor
I interpreted the question to have one shipping cost, independent of number of shirts ordered:
   35c + s = 337.50
   56c + s = 516
In this case, the cost per shirt (c) and shipping costs (s) can be found.
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c represents the cost per shirt
s represents the s&h per shirt
35c + 35s = 337.50
56c + 56s = 516
Can you solve the system?