Mickayla G.

asked • 10/07/16

Analytical Geometry Questions (3 questions, I'm really struggling with this unit.)

I've tried attempting this but I'm unsure of my answers. Can someone explain to me?
The question I am struggling with is asking me to determine which of the following lines is the steepest and explain why.
a. x+2y+8=0
b. y= 3x+5
c. 10=8x+2y
I need help with rewriting these lines into slope-intercept form. (is this right and I supposed to be doing this? or is there a different way to solve this?)
Find the x and y intercepts of the following relations:
a. 3x - 5y = 45
b. -6x = y - 18
c. 4x + 6y - 17=0
I have already solved 'a' so far, x intercept is (15,0) and the y intercept is (0,9), is this correct?
Find the equations of the following lines:
a.having slope of -2 and passing through the point (-4, 2)
b.parallel to y=6x+3 and passing through the point (-1, 13)
c.perpendicular to 3x-5y and having an x-intercept of 3
d.passing through (-2, -6) and (4, 2)
e.having an x-intercept of -3 and a y-intercept of 6

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Michael J. answered • 10/07/16

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