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Grade 9 math help!

During a ski jump,  Maiko is airborne for 8.1s. If her speed during the jump is 27.6m/s, How far did Maiko jump, to the nearest hundredth of a meter?
(We are currently learning about solving Linear equations, if that helps at all.) 

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Hi Megan;
distance=(27.6 meters/second)(8.1 seconds)
The unit of seconds is in the numerator and denominator.  Therefore, these cancel...
distance=(27.6 meters/second)(8.1 seconds)
distance=(27.6 meters)(8.1)
Now that the units are aligned, we may calculate.
distance=223.56 meters
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Distance = Speed * Time
D = (27.6 m/s) * (8.1s)
D = (27.6 * 8.1) * (m*s/s)
D = 223.56 m