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The five-number summary below shows the grade distribution of two STAT 200 quizzes for a sample of 500 students.
                 Minimum     Q1     Median     Q3     Maximum
Quiz1              15          35       55           85        100
Quiz2              20          35       50           90         100
For each question, give your answer as one of the following: (i) Quiz 1; (ii) Quiz 2; (iii) Both quizzes have the same value requested; (iv) It is impossible to tell using only the given information. Then explain your answer in each case.
(a) Which quiz has less range in grade distribution?
(i)quiz 1 because the inter quartile range for quiz 1 is less than quiz 2

(b) Which quiz has the greater percentage of students with grades 85 and over?
(iii) both quizzes have the same value request because both quiz 1 and 2 are 85 and over

(c) Which quiz has a greater percentage of students with grades less than 60?
(i) quiz 1 because the median of quiz 1 is having grads 55 while quiz 2 is only 50.

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so range is the difference between min and max (unless your teacher has defined it differently) so quiz 2's range is less.