Chelsea M.

asked • 04/24/16

I am having trouble with adding the cost of something based on gram or kilograms ?

For example if I need 30 g of garlic and it costs $10.00/1000g how much would it cost?
Any help would be appreciated!

Chloe W.

I suggest using the unitary method - i.e. find how much 1 gram would cost to then find 30 grams
1000g   =   $10.00
1g      =    ?
On the left-hand side (LHS), we divide 1000g by 1000 to get 1g. Since we've divided by 1000 on the LHS, we must do so on the RHS
1g   =   $10 / 1000 = $0.01
30g  =  ?
Similarly, we multiply 1 x 30 to get 30g, so therefore we must multiply the RHS by 30.
Therefore, 30g = $0.01 x 30 = $0.30


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Yohan C. answered • 04/24/16

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