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Metric System


One gigantón is 10^2 times the weight of a hectaton. One hectaton is 10^2 ton.write one gigantón is tons

This must be in number form
Metric System Math Word Problem Math Help


I am having trouble with adding the cost of something based on gram or kilograms ?

For example if I need 30 g of garlic and it costs $10.00/1000g how much would it cost? Any help would be appreciated!
Metric System Math



 There are 28 L of soup in a pot. Marshall serves 400 mL in each bowl. If he fills 16 bowls, how much soup is left in the pot? Write your answer in two ways: as a number of liters and as a number... more
Metric System


1 terasecond=1x_______seconds, so 1 second=1x______Tsec

1 terasecond=1x_______seconds, so 1 second=1x______Tsec
Metric System Conversion


How do you solve with the correct converting

jenna brought a 2-liter bottle of orange soda to share with her friends for her birthday. She brought cups that each held about 225 milliliters. How many cups could Jenna fill?

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