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how do i find the solution set for f(x)<0 and f(x) greater than or equl to 0 using a graph??

How do I find the solution set: for f(x)<0   and the solution set: f(x)greater than or equal to (symbol) 0 using a graph???
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1 Answer

You must remember that f(x)=y (value on the y-axis).
Well, you have an x-axis, and you look at where it intersects with the y-axis. At this point, y=0, and x=0.
As long as you move along the x-axis (to the left or to the right), the y-value will stay 0.
The x-axis is the key.
For every point above it, y>0.
Points where the graph of f(x) intersects with the x-axis: y=0.
Points below the x-axis: y<0.
                                          ^     y<0 for -1<x<1.3
                            `             |     y>=0 for x<=-1 and x>=1.3
                              `           |
                               `        2--                    `
                                `         |            `
                                 `      1--        `
                                  `       |        `
-----------------------------`---------|---|---|--------------------------> x
                                       `  |   1  `2    3
                                           |`  `


Thank you Michael for your help with this frustrating problem. this gives me a better understanding. so thank you I appreciate  it.