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x - 3/2 = x + 8/6

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2 Answers

Hi Bri;
I agree with Michael.  However, today, as I was working on these answers, another Wyzant explained that sometimes he, as insructor, wants an attempted resolution with the conclusion of "no solution".
Let's resolve...
x - 3/2 = x + 8/6
The x on each side cancels...
- 3/2 = 8/6
Let's be certain these are not equal.
2 and 6 are denominators (divisors).  Let's multiply both sides by 6...
6(- 3/2)=6(8/6)
No solution.
x-3/2=x+8/6  There is no solution, since if you add 8/6 to any number your result is greater than the number and certainly can't be the result of subtracting 3/2 from the number.