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Just going over my son's math test

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Michael F. | Mathematics TutorMathematics Tutor
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3/4(x+2)=6(x+12)  Multiply both sides by 4 get 3(x+2)=24(x+12)
divide both sides by 3 get x+2=8(x+12)
or x+2=8x+96  subtract x from both sides 2=7x+96  subtract 96 from both sides
-94=7x divide both sides by 7  get  -13 3/7=x
Sky W. | Patient and Knowledgeable Math TutorPatient and Knowledgeable Math Tutor
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Distribute (3/4) to (x+2) AND distribute 6 to (x+12)
Now get anything with an x to ONE side. Subtract (3/4)x from BOTH sides AND subtract 72 from BOTH sides
Now simplify
x is NOT by itself just yet.
Divide BOTH SIDES by 5.25
David M. | Math Tutor in Many Areas.Math Tutor in Many Areas.
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First distribute both sides. You get 3x/4+3/2=6x+72. Convert all numbers into fractions with 4 as a denominator to make addition and subtraction easier. You end up with 3x/4+6/4=24x/4+288/4. Then get the x terms together and the constants together. If you put the constants on the left and x terms on the right, you get-282/4=21x/4. Then multiply both terms by 4/21 and get x=-282/21. Both 282 and 21 are divisible by 3, divide both by 3 to simplify the fraction. You get -94/7.