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Solve the compound inequality. Type your answer in interval notation. Simplify your answer.

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First you want to get rid of the fraction number. Multiply each section of the compound inequality by 2:
Now you want to isolate the x in the middle so subtract 3 from every part of the compound inequality:
Now divide every part by -6 - Remember that when you divide by a negative you have to switch the greater than or equal signs to less than or equal!
Interval notation for this answer is [-1/2, 13/6]. If you need more help understanding interval notation, refer to this website:
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-1/2<x<2 1/6
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First keep the variable alone so we will subtract 3/2 from all 3 sides of ineq.
-5-(3/2) ≤ -3x  ≤ 3-(3/2)
-6.5≤ -3x≤1.5
divide all sides by -3 so you MUST FLIP THE SIGNS
13/6 ≥x≥-(1/2)
   -1/2  ≤x ≤13/6