Elise A.

asked • 09/17/15

Systems of Equations Word Problem HELP PLEASE!!

Okay so... I did the first two systems of equations word problems pretty easily but this one has me stumped. I have no idea what to do... help?
Ramiro earns $20 per hour during the week and $30 per hour for overtime on the weekends. One week Ramiro earned a total of $650. He worked 5 times as many hours during the week as he did on the weekend. Write and solve a system of equations to determine how many hours of overtime Ramiro worked on the weeked.
I'm guessing that one of them will end with =$650... and that's really all I know. It seems like just a bunch of totally unrelated words :(
Please explain!!!

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Rebecca J. answered • 09/17/15

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Math and Science Tutor.

Elise A.

Wow, great explanation! I understand it so much better now :)


David W. answered • 09/17/15

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Elise A.

Thank you :) That helped!


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