Lexi B.

asked • 09/13/15

Please help!!!! I am very stuck :(

Can someone please help me do this problem? If you could at least give me the directions and steps but not the answers, that would be great :) 
You and your friend live 12 miles apart. You leave home at the same time and travel toward each other. You walk at a rate of 4 mph and your friend bikes at a rate of 11 mph.
A. How long after you leave home will you meet? How far from home will each of you be?
B. Suppose your friend bikes at 12 mph. How much sooner would you meet? How far from home will each of you be?

1 Expert Answer


Alexander B. answered • 09/13/15

PhD in Engineering with 20 yrs of Math and Science Teaching Experience

Lexi B.

Thank you!!!!!


Alexander B.

You are welcome!


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