Janenett R.

asked • 08/06/15

If a+b is negative, which statement must be true ?

(a)a < 0, b<0
(b) a<0
(c) a<0, b> 0
(d) a<-b
i think I understand the question and my answer might be a but I'm not sure how to show my work 

3 Answers By Expert Tutors


Gwen R. answered • 08/06/15

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Michael J. answered • 08/06/15

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Mark M.

If a+b<0, a and b do not both have to be negative.  For example, if a = -3 and b = 2, then a+b<0, but a and b are not both negative. So, answer (A) is not correct.  The answer is (D).  


Arthur D.

I agree with Mark M. The key wording is "... must be true." Answer a) does not have to be true for a+b to be negative.
Roman C. has it correct.


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