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i done need to write an essay, just reasons for applying for the scholarship,

M applying for LLM in a subject i am good at, the scholarship is merit based but a preference to women from developing countries is given, which works fr me coz i fulfil both the requirements. my grades r good and all and it will be hard for me to fund it without a scholarship, m not sure how to structure it


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Dear Saloni,
I would guess that most of the writing you do is on your cell phone, since you use many of the common abbreviations in your question. I want to encourage you to find a teacher or someone who reads a lot of books and gets A's in English who can help you convert your ideas into standard English.
I taught college English for 10 years and I would be very concerned about the academic potential of a student who writes like you did in this sample.
Best of luck,
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Self-reflection is basically what these applications enjoy seeing. By this, I mean looking back at yourself and stating what you have accomplished. You may have been involved in volunteering, charity work, or in the position of a role model for others. Some people draw from their faith, while others draw from their learning and interests. I agree with Sandie in structuring your essay by selected three main points from a list that is perhaps longer. You will want to tie-in your accomplishments with reasons why you want the scholarship (why you deserve it and how you will benefit from it, and what you will do in the furture to benefit others, if you get it).

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Even though the requirement do not specify an essay, I would write the reasons in an essay form. I would start constructing the response with a simple list of reasons as a first draft. After careful thought, I would expand the list to form a paragraph which highlights the main three points you feel are the strongest.  I would also incorporate the lesser reasons into the response if they support your main three points.  You also want to intrigue your reader to continue reading more about you, so choose your words carefully without exaggerating your position.