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how do you graph a square root function?

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2 Answers

First, Plot a few points by making an x and y table. You take your equation and plug in a few values for x, like 1, 4,9 you want to plug in perfect roots or you will get decimals. If your equation is a bit more complicated, and after plugin in the perfect roots you still get decimals, its okay, no big deal. The results for every X value you plug in becomes your Y value or output. Then just plot.

The easiest way is to start with your y values, and square them to get your x values. For instance if you start with your y point of 2, your x point will be 4. Your next y point will be 3 and your next x point will be 9. Continue doing this until you have your graph. Also remember your first two points are just (0,0) and (1,1).