Microsoft Excel

if a cell contains a value with a date format, such as DD/MM/YYYY, the cells contents will be automatically aligned to the left hand side of the cell A True B False

Assign value to First and Last row of each group.

This is My Table+------------------------+| id | session ID | bal |+------------------------+| 0 | 00000002 | 100 || 1 | 00000002 | 120 || 2 | 00000002 | 140 || 3 | 00000001 | 900 ... more

Urgent please solve this Excel problem

Below is an extract of my Excel data A 20160101 A 20160104 A 20160105 A 20160106 A 20160107 AA 20160108 AA 20160111 AA 20160112 AA 20160113 AA 20160114 AA 20160115 AA 20160118 AB ... more

How Do I Create a Vlookup?

Excel: I need to take given data and sort between f, d, or Both. Then I need to separate the data once determined by f or d pounds

So, imagine there is an excel sheet with a column full of f or d values, another with random minute values, and 5 different zone columns with a number in only one of these per row(These 5 columns... more


How do I link data in one worksheet to another?

Reduce time required to prepare Excel worksheets by inputting data into a primary worksheet and then linking other worksheets to it. This will not only reduce preparation time, but also reduce the... more


Excel Spreadsheets

Hi Brian, What formula pulls data from multiple columns from four different sheets into one sheet connected to a drop down list with multiple names?


How to add greater than in Excel Solver

I have a linear constraints as X>Y, and I need to add it into Excel Solver. But the option in add-in just have >=, <= or =. So what should I do?


Having issue with Excel 2019

In cell N5, enter an INDEX FUNCTION that will retrieve the name of the movie with the highest gross sales, Write the function as the array argument.


What is the number?

The product of 3 and a number increased by 7 is -36

Find the next two terms of sequence

U0 = 1U1 =3And Un is defined by Un+2 = 2 * Un+1 + 3 * UnFind the next two terms

Number field turned out as text in Excel, SSRS?

My SSRS reports one of the field is using this expression, where the field is a number field. I want to see blank field is the value is `0`. =IIf(Fields!PERIOD02_VALUE.Value <>... more

Click a button and the button would be unable to be clicked until reset?

Is there a way I could be able to click a Button and then once the button has been clicked it would be Unable to be clicked until the Form reset itself. Say... Enabling Auto-Save and can't be... more

What does DIM stand for in Visual Basic and BASIC?

What does DIM stand for in Visual Basic?


What are the difference between a BASIC GOTO and GOSUB statement?

What are the difference between a GOTO and a GOSUB statements in BASIC programming language?


Change output of textbox based on button clicked Visual Basic?

Hi everyone I am new to visual basic and am making my first program from a book I just bought and would like to change the output of my textbox based on the button I click for example if button1 is... more


excel problem

i have some names that are repeated often i want to use a function that uses persons names and nth time repetition of it as arguments to give me the row which indicate the person name and nth... more

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