How would I answer this? Write a polynomial of least degree with roots 1,5, and -6

Write a polynomial of least degree with roots 1, 5, and -6. Write your answer using the variable x and in standard form with a leading coefficient of 1.

If v1 and v2 are eigenvectors of a matrix A corresponding to the eigenvalues λ1 =2 and λ 2 =6...

If v1 and v2 are eigenvectors of a matrix A corresponding to the eigenvalues λ1 =2 and λ2 =6...v1= [-5 v2= [ 5 1] 4]then,A(v1 + v2)=A(3v1)=


which statement is correct about the values of x and y in the following equation?

7x+xy= xy+21 the equation is true for all ordered pairs there are no x and y pairs for which the equation is true. For each value of x, there is one and only one value of y that makes the equation... more

HELP! Assuming the pendulum is on the Earth and g = 10m/s2, what is the period if the length is 10 m?

A. 2π s  B. 1 s  C. π s  D. π/2 s

Physics Question Please Help!

A blue train of mass 50 kg moves at 4 m/s toward a green train of 30 kg initially at rest. The trains collide. After the collision the green train moves with a speed of 3 m/s. What is the final... more



I want help with this question about electrical energy and capacitance The question:- Find the change in electric potential energy associated with the electron as it goes on from x =0.120 m to x= -... more


A function is given. f(x) = 4 − 3x2; x = 5, x = 5 + h

Determine the net change between the given values of the variable Determine the average rate of change between the given values of the variable. 


Algebra please help!!!

complete the table for each function g(x)=-2x^2 f(x)=x^2 h(x)=1/4x^2 Thank you


Geometry: Sphere

A sphere of radius 5cm and a cone of base radius 5cm and height 10cm rests on a horizontal table surface. A horizontal plane 3 cm above the surface cuts both solids. a Find the radius of the... more

Help with this rent question

So look I’m trying to rent out a storage 3 ways with a few friends the price is 1900. I want to split it 3 ways, with the price being 633 each and then they will pay extra for the bigger section of... more


What causes an equation to have a solution that has complex numbers?

it los the last question for my online homework and I don’t know how to answer it


Explain the meaning of each term to the right of the equal, in terms of a graph.



Write formulas for the indicated partial derivatives for the multivariable function.

f(x,y)=3x^3+2x^2y^3+8xy+14x+7a) ∂f / ∂xb) ∂f / ∂yc) ∂f / ∂x y=3


Geometry Question

In the diagram, AP is secant to the circle at points A and B, and CP is secant to the circle at points C and D. The lines intersect outside of the circle at point P.What is the length of CD?CD=... more


please help, involves functions and coordinates

if g is a function such that g(x) = 2x+1, which of the following coordinates satisfies the function?(A) (-3,-5)(B) (-6,11)(C) (5,2)(D) (13,6)


How to solve equation step by step

  11+ 4x = x -10 


How rare is this?

What is the probability that a married couple will have their only child born on the day they were married?

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