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What type of sentence is "I decided to mow the lawn tomorrow."


How do I emphasize a word using the standard punctuation system?

I've seen people on the Internet stressing a certain word using "*": >I do not \\*like\\* it, I \\*love\\* it! I think there is no such punctuation as "*". So I'm wondering if I can use some... more

Are there any simple rules for choosing the definite vs. indefinite (vs. none) article?

I can’t for the life of me figure out where to use _a_ and where to use _the_ — and where there is no article at all. Is there a simple rule of thumb to memorize? The standard rule you always hear:... more

Did the mechanical hound signify anything in Fahrenheit 451?

Ray Bradbury's *Fahrenheit 451* is written with many recurring symbols. After reading the book, I never thought that the mechanical hound was one of them, though my friend told me otherwise. **Did... more

When to use mid-sentence commas when adding a formal name?

Where is it appropriate to insert a comma when putting a persons name in the middle of a sentence, such as when writing an email or letter. Is it really before AND after? Examples: "Thank you for... more

Bringing word into existence just by calling and using it?

Sometimes, when I read essays, I see that writers make up words and by using them, they bring those words into existence.For example: >In her article ***"Juban America"***, Ruth Behar uses the... more

To hyphenate or not?

As a non-native speaker of English and an engineer by training, I always get confused about hyphenation and almost always end up referring to Google every time I need to make that decision. Does... more

Is "That is so cheap!?" an exclamative?

Is the line > That is so cheap! an exclamative? I've researched exclamatives and found that these usually begin with "what" or "how". However, I know it's definitely not a declarative sentence... more

What are First Drafts, Second Drafts, etc.?

I've been reading a few questions on this site, and I've seen the terms First, Second or Third Drafts. What does this refer to actually? And could someone give a clear detail of what they are, and... more

Metrics for assessing the persuasiveness of a paper?

Are there any known variables to measure, or questions to ask in survey, in order to asses the persuasiveness of a paper? For example, I'm not sure if omitting a section from my paper might... more

When editing for a person, how much can be changed?

The context is a technical document that is written by one person and then sent out for review by others. The reviewers change word tense, change from active to passive voice, and make other style... more


History of science

I need an explaination on the article: the post truth philosopher, mounts a defense of science (Bruno Latour). I have very limited knowledge of philosophy and this article seems full of... more


Words and Details in Informational Texts

Read the passage. Which words and details impact the meaning and tone of the passage?Power outlets may be obsolete in the not too distant future. Forward-thinking citizens are already using solar... more


why every student should dissect a frog

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