Find lenght of d to a

There are two right triangles, the big one(abc) and the small one (DEC) If side CA(from the big triangle) is 20 meters and the area of triangle abc is 4 times the triangle dec what is the length of... more


Pythagorean Theorem

ABCD is a kite, so AC ⊥ DB and DE=EB. Calculate the length of AC, to the nearest tenth of a centimeter


20x+5y=15 for y

African American History

1.     Describe the various freedoms allowed, and the restrictions placed on, urban slaves, southern free blacks, northern slaves, and newly emancipated northern free blacks. What limits... more

Discuss the evolution of federal Indian policy during the entire 19th century

Discuss the evolution of federal Indian policy during the entire 19th century. Toward the end of the century the American government decided to adopt a policy that has been described as “Kill the... more


Algebra 2!!! Please help! I am confused and have something due in an hour!

The diameter of our solar system (depending on how you define “solar system”) is about 8,980,000,000,000 kilometers. The distance from our solar system to the nearest star, Proxima Centauri, is... more


I need help with my math I don't understand

14x+2y+7x+5y+x=I don't know how to solve this I'm very bad at math I'm not getting it if someone can explain on how to solve it or help me understand


How do I clear my cache and cookies on Mac?


Multi step equation that equals to 12


Do chlorine and oxygen bond covalently or ionically to create hypochlorite?

For school, we were given questions about the bonds of hypochlorite.


Explain the advantages and disadvantages of independence. Include examples from the past and present of independence in Central America.

My first time here. :) It would be great if someone could help me with this! I'm trying to get a paragraph.Thank you. :)


252000/0.004 without a calculator


Discuss the role of Africans in early (1600-1700) America.

Why were they needed? What problems did they experience?5. Discuss Bacon’s Rebellion as a symbol of American independence. How are his actions indicative of future American independence?


Was the American revolution revolutionary?

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