Given h ( x ) = 4 x − 5 h(x)=4x−5, find h ( 4 )

Given h(x)=4x−5h(x)=4x−5, find  h(4)


Help with this problem.

To compute a student's Grade Point Average (GPA) for a term, the student's grades for each course are weighted by the number of credits for the course. Suppose a student had these grades:4.0 in a 5... more


Find the volume 𝑉 of a regular tetrahedron whose face is an equilateral triangle of side 𝑠.

the tetrahedron has height √2/3sFind the volume of the tetrahedron for 𝑠=6.


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For each value below, enter the number correct to two decimal places.Suppose an arrow is shot upward on a certain planet with a velocity of 25 m/s, then its height in meters after t seconds is... more


A pebble is dropped in a calm pond causing ripples in the form of concentric circles. The radius r of the outer ripple is increasing at a constant rate of .5 feet per second.

When the radius is 4 feet, at what rate is the total area A of the disturbed water changing?


Calculus Vector Curves

A point has a position vector given by  , for all time t ≥ 0 seconds. Find the speed of the object at t = 3 seconds. (4 points) I chose this 1 0 I took the derivative of r(t) to get... more

Please please help! GEOMETRY

If lines p and q are parallel and angle 3 = 75o, write the measures of all other angles. Explain your reasoning in 2 or more sentences and include your calculations.


astronomy questions

Kepler's 2nd law states that a planes sweeps out equal distances from the sun in equal time intervals.false/true ?


Approximation of Local Linearization

If f(2) = 10 and  , which of the following is the best approximation for f(2.03) using local linearization? a) 10.03b) -7.97c) 3.03d)8.03


Finding the number of beads with given probability

20 beads are in a bag.Some are green and some are red.The chance that one bead taken from the bag at random is red is 1/4.How many red beads are in the bag?


A truck enters a highway - college algebra

A truck enters a highway driving 60 mph. A car enters the highway at the same place 15 minutes later and drives 72 mph in the same direction. From the time the car enters the​ highway, how long... more


A Vectors question from my maths class, can you solve it?

ABCD is a quadrilateral with vertices A(4,-1,3), B(8,3,-1), C(0,0,4) and D(-4,0,8).(a)Find the coordinates of M, the midpoint of AB(b) Find the coordinates of the point T, which divides CM in the... more


Evaluate the expression. P(8, 2) · P(5, 4)

PreCalc Problem

A ball that is dropped from a window hits the ground in 4 seconds. How high is the window? (Give your answer in feet; note that the acceleration due to gravity is 32 ft/s.)To solve the problem I... more


How many sit normally sit on the left and how many normally sit on the right?

When Mrs. Bodin has a staff meeting the teachers always sit in the same seats, wither on the left side of the room or on the right side of the room. None of the teachers ever misses one of Mrs.... more


I need help in algebra math, and volume and surface area

scientific notation, cube root, squared root simplfy using laws of eponents  


3x – 4 > 11

i Do not no this

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