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I need help in algebra math, and volume and surface area

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4 Answers

Hi Aklesia,

There are different parts of this website for different things. It sounds like you would like to place an ad to find a tutor. If you haven't already done so, go to the homepage and create an account (or have a parent do this if you are under 18). Then you should be able to post the ad in the appropriate place.

As Apratim said, the section you posted in is for answers to specific questions.

Good luck.

Hi Aklesia, this forum is best used  for answering specific problems.  If you need help with a broad area of math, e.g. area and volume problems, you might want to look up one of the several tutorials available on the web (i.e., use Google), or schedule sessions with a tutor (whom you can find through this site).  (Additionally, if you post an ad here looking for help, you will most likely be contacted by tutors.)  


what these three tutors said is fine, but I think you cannot get real help with that many topics by yourself just by looking thru websites. You have to learn these topics in a certain order - some of them prerequire certain others - and ONLY a teacher or tutor can organize it for you...

Some high schools in our area have free help sessions after school, some days a week. I don't know for sure where in Everett, but I only live 20+ miles away and could meet you between  North Seattle and Everett.  

Let me know if you have further questions and/or look up my profile here.

/Doc Fred [new on this site]