insanely hard question

The point (4, −9) is rotated 150? counterclockwise about the origin. Wheredoes it end up? Write a matrix equation to demonstrate this fact.


algebra and finite substitution

Use Gauss-Jordan row reduction to solve the given system of equations. HINT [See Examples 1-6.] (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION. If the system is dependent, express your answer in terms... more


Am I not supposed to find acceleration from the tangential force?

I keep using the equation a = F/m to find acceleration and then incorporating that into the kinematic equations for constant rotational acceleration.    A(n) 25.0-kg solid sphere of radius 1.20 m... more


whats the easiest way to solve special right triangles

need help in trigonometry really bad


Word Problem

The sum of three whole numbers is 7. The second number is 1 more than twice of the third number. The sum of the first and third number is 3 less than the second number. Find all the three numbers.


Word Problem

At a college function, a total of 180 tickets were sold. The tickets were priced at $5, $10, and $15, and the money collected that day was $1,900. The sum of the numbers of $5 and $15 tickets sold... more

help solving (1+(1/x))/(1/x)

I need help learning how to do this problem step by step. I have a project to teach the class on how to divide functions and I understand.. I'm just stuck on this particular problem on how to solve... more


how do find the rate of change from a graph?

it"s hard to find the rate of change from a graph

Math word problem help

At the city museum, child admission is $5.70 and adult admission is $9.20 . On Wednesday, 155tickets were sold for a total sales of $1230.00 . How many adult tickets were sold that day?

Functions and domains

I hope I am going in the right direction f(x)= 2x+1     g(x) =3x-2   (f-g)(x)=2x+1-(3x-2)=-x +3, domain=(indefinite sign,3)   (f x g)(x)= (2x+1)(3x-2)= 6x2 -x-2, domain =?  

what is the speed of the boat?

11. A motorboat can go 12 miles downstream on a river in 20 minutes. It takes 30 minutes for this boat to go back upstream the same 12 miles. Find the speed of the boat.

How long does it take train B to catch up to train A?

Train A leaves a station traveling at 80 kilometers per hour. Eight hours later, train B leaves the same station traveling in the same directionat 100 kilometers per hour.

If the social media increasing rate is 7% per year and I start with 6,000,000 how many will I have in 4 years?

I need to know how to solve this as well, thanks!  

(2+i) is a root of x^4-5x^3+2x^2-9x+1 determine other root

how do you determine the other root?


If Sin theta = a/b, then find the value of sec theta + tan theta

please describe whole process

Matrix A( Matrix B+Matrix C)=?

Matrix A= 7  -7          Matrix B=3   0   -1          Matrix C=x   1   w                0   8                         2   -1   1                        z   r    4                0  -8   I need... more

how do you solve x+y=4....and..... X-y=-10

i need help on how to solve x+y=4, because im not really good with algebra an i nn


Algebra 2 Homework.

A consultant needs to make at least $720 this week. She earns $120 for each new written piece and $60 for each review. Which of the following inequalities represent the possible combination of... more



i need help with this

-3/9 can i reduce this

can i reduce a negetive

Solve the system using matrices (row operations)

{ 6x+5y=62    5x-6y=-50   x=? y=?

I can't seem to solve this problem. Can someone please help me and show me how to solve this!? IM SO LOST :c

I can't seem to figure out this problem. Can someone please help me and show me how to solve this!? IM SO LOST show me how to solve this!? IM SO LOSTStarting with the parent function f(x)=x2,... more

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