Parentheses Problem

I need to know where to put parentheses to get 10 in this problem 5 + 3 x 16 / 12 - 7 = 10/ = division

Example of a one-to-one function with required domain and range

I missed a question on my last quiz and I don't get why."Draw the graph of a function which is one-to-one and has domain [-5,4) and range [-8,5]."I didn't see how that is possible so I said "no... more

If f is a linear function such that f(x+2) - f(x) = 6, find the value of inverse of f (x+2) - inverse of f(x)

Only clue she gave us was f(x)= mx+b but I don't know how to utilize that information.


Probability and Events

Event A is "roll 4 on a dice" and event B is "roll a 2 on a die."Are the events dependent or independent, and why?Answers:Events A and B are dependent, because P(A) does not equal P(B|A)Events A... more


Logs And inequalities

x, y and n are positivesWhats the minimum value of xⁿ + yⁿ - (xy)^(n/4)?

Answer math problem

What's the answer to this math problem that's on the internet 8÷2(2+2)=

Probability of guessing red/black correctly (14 times) when flipping over the top card of a shuffled deck

Shuffle a deck of cards. The deck is placed face down. There are trillions of card combination. One is asked to guess before a card is flipped over if it is red or black. What is the probability... more


Question down below

"Eduardo has one bag with 6 blueberry and 4 raspberry gummy worms. he has another bag with 4 red and 8 black licorice sticks. if eduardo takes one gummy worm and one licorice out of each bag, what... more


Quantitative reasoning

Tthe odds against your bet are 5 to 3. If you bet$18 how much will you gain


Find a linearly independent set of vectors

Find a linearly independent set of vectors that spans the same subspace of R^3 as that spanned by the vectors v1 : < 2, -2, -3>v2 : <5, -4, -4>v3 : <-1 , 0 , -2>Linearly... more


Linear equations by elimination

If 3 shirts and 2 sweaters are $114, or 2 shirts and 4 sweaters are $164, how much does shirt cost? How much does sweater cost?

x+y=7 y+z=9 z+t=13 what is the value of x+t?

X+Y=7Y+Z=9Z+T=13What is the value of X+T?Please show and explain your answers. This question is from the Clep study guide.


Which best describes the relationship between the lines with equations 4x−8y=9 and 8x−7y=9?

A. same line  B. perpendicular  C. neither perpendicular nor parallel  D. parallel


Given the sequence, write an equation (Calculus 2)

Given the sequence 3/5, 2/3, 5/7, 3/4, 7/9 a) write the equation for the sequenceb) does the sequence diverge or converge?

Determine the sign of a 32 bit int?

Using ONLY: ! ~ & ^ | + << >> NO LOOPS I need to determine the sign of a 32 bit integer and I need to return 1 if positive, 0 if 0 and -1 if negative. Any ideas? I first... more


What does it mean when a statistician says I’m 90% confident that the mean of the population is between 1 and 9?

Does that mean if I draw samples from the population that 90% of the time I'll get a number between 1 and 9? **Added**: assume normal distribution for the population.


Is there a way to check the correctness of your answer to a probability question?

In CS, there's a systematic way to check if your code is buggy or not as you write code. Is there a way to check the correctness of your answer to a probability question without using a... more

Determine the values of a for which the system has no solutions, exactly one solution, or infinitely many solutions

Hi, i reduced this however i am stuck when it comes to finding the 3 solutions, (infinity, one , no solutions). I am confused with what do they mean with them! would appreciate it if someone can... more

How best to count bees entering and leaving a hive to measure hive activity?

This is my first question here, so I apologize for all mistakes I could have possibly made. I'm a high school student in East-Central Europe and I need to complete some research for a biology... more

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