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How did the US Navy raise sunken battleships in WWII?

I recently got the opportunity to visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial. In the informational video that they show guests, they mentioned a detail I found fascinating: most of the ships sunk in the... more


Why, in the US, is Japanese brutality ignored compared with the Nazi brutality in WW2?

I have read up a bit about WW2 on my own and have always pondered, why in the USA is the brutality and actions of the Japanese during WW2 always downplayed compared with the brutalities and... more


Where did Japan get their oil during WWII?

To my understanding the United States was the largest exporter of oil to the Japanese prior to Pearl Harbor. The Japanese islands aren't known for their oil fields. It's also believed that the... more
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How did pilots know when to release bombs on airplanes during World War2?

Given that during this time computing technology wasn't advanced enough to calculate when to drop bombs accurately on a target, I recall hearing something about bomber pilots using a modified watch... more

What problems did the United States faced after becoming independent?

What problems did the United States faced after becoming independent? Did any other countries after World War 2 face the same problems? I have been able to find some problems that the United States... more


What does WW2 US Army discharge code W.D. CIR 395, 1942 mean?

My father was honorably discharged from the US Army in 1943. My question is what is W.D. Cir. 395, 1942? He served only 2 months and 8 days. His occupation at that time was listed as Turret Lathe... more


Why didn't the US choose to demolish Tokyo with an atom bomb?

Tokyo was Japan's capital. Why didn't the US choose Tokyo to demolish with Atom Bomb? **Bonus Question:** What factors decided to bring Hiroshima and Nagasaki on table?


Did the citizens of US really back the declaration of war on Japanese Empire as it was implied by F.D. Roosevelt in his Pearl Harbor Speech?

December 7th, 1941, was the date that was to live in infamy, as mentioned by F.D. Roosevelt in his Pearl Harbor speech. Overall, the speech was quite straightforward in its goal: assurance to the... more

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