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Vectors Algebra Linear


Find a and b

Find a and b such that    [18,24,13] = a [1,-2,1] + b [4,4,3].   a=? b=?
Vectors Algebra Linear


Perform the following operations on the vectors

Perform the following operations on the vectors vec{u} =<4,-4,4>, vec{v}=<4,2,-4>, and vec{w} =<0,-2,-1>.(u)•vec(w)=(u•v)u=((w•w)u)•u=u•v+v•w=
Vectors Algebra Angle


Find the angle alpha between the vectors

Find the angle between the vectors  [-3  3] and  [-5   5]    


dot product

|a|=3  |b|=5. find the value of β if a+βb and a-βb are perpendicular.
Vectors Math Calculus


solve each system of equations

A) 7x-5y+4z-9=0    -x+3y+5z-2=0    5x+y+14z-20=0   b) 7x-5y+4z-9=0 -5x+4y+z-3=0 x+2y-z+1=0   c) -3x+2y-z+10=0 6x-4y+2z-10=0 5x+7y+9z-14=0   d) 5x-9y+2z-3=0 4x+2y-3z+4=0 9x-7y-z+1=0
Vectors Forces Vector


Applications of the Dot Product (Vectors)

A force, F of 25 N is acting in the direction of a = (6,1).    a) Find a unit vector in the direction of a. b) Find the Cartesian vector representing the force, f, using your answer from part a)   more


Addition and Subtraction of Vectors

In a soccer match, the goal keeper stands on the midpoint of her goal line. she kicks the ball 25m at an angle of 35deg to the goal line. her teammate takes the pass and kicks it 40m farther,... more
Vectors Physics


Given the vectors below, determine the resultant and the equilibrant using trigonometry.

230.0 newtons @ 125 degrees175.0 newtons @ 60.0 degrees
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9

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