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If cot ( x ) = 3 10 (in Quadrant-I), find sin ( 2 x )

any help will be great :)


If cos α = 0.923 and cos β = 0.624 with both angles’ terminal rays in Quadrant-I, find the values of (a) cos ( α + β ) = (b) cos ( β − α ) =

I need to find it the the 4th decimal any help would be appreciated?





for the line y= x + 1, solve the linear equation for x


Trigonometry Grade 11

A pool player is practicing angles. She hits a ball 2 feet to the bumper. The ball then rebounds at an angle of 74°travelling 3 feet away from the bumper. How far from the original location will... more


Trig Math Functions

The crows nest of the yacht A is 50 meters above the water. The angle of depression from the nest to a buoy due west is 40 degrees, and to a second buoy of 34 degrees which is located S70degreesW... more


The coordinate of x is ( ? ).

At what x-coordinate in the first quadrant does the line with equation y=x+3 intersect a circle with radius 2 sqrt 2 and center (0, 3)


what would this be on a graph

circle: center is (-1,-3) and its area is 4Pi.


Horse Vector Problem

I am trying to get my horse to pull a plow in a specific direction. But the horse only wants to pull in the direction of 30 degrees north of east. Therefore, I need to pull on another line to keep... more


Airplane Trig Problem

An airplane with a top speed of 350 mph needs to maintain a course due east. However, it is a particularly windy day, and the wind speed is 65 mph blowing 43 degrees north of east. In what... more


Sailboat Vector Problem

A boat is sailing across a lake. The boat’s motor can move the boat at a speed of 18 km/hr in still water. Today, there is also a current of 5 km/hr flowing S15° W. Additionally, there is a wind... more

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