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Construction Math


How can I solve this?

I have the length and Width of a room but I have no height and volume. Can I figure out the height without volume.
Construction Survey


Length and breadth of an area/rectangle.

In a scenario where breadth and length of a rectangle / area are not defined, how can one determine the breadth and length of that rectangle / area?Thanks.
Construction Math Geometry


what is the lengrth of an arc 16' wide and rises 12" in the center

Need to make an arc that is 16' wide, and rises 12" in the centre. It'll be a perfectly curved arc. Need to know what the length of the beam for the arc should be. looked up formulas online but... more


construct a quadrilateral in which AB=4CM,CD=3.5CM,AC=5.5CM,BD=3.5CM,Angle A measures 60°

The diagonal BD is smaller and can't be cut by diagonal AC.


What can portable routers be used to cut?

A.Dados B.mortises C.dovetail joints D. All of the above  
Construction Circles


Constructing tangents to a circle from an external point.

I learned a method of constructing tangents to a circle O from an external point P which involves (a) drawing segment OP, (b) finding the midpoint M of OP, (c) constructing circle M with radius MP,... more


The length of a rectangle is 8 feet 6 inchs and the width is 4 feet 7 inchs perimeter?

The length of a rectangle is 8 feet 6 inches and the width is 4 feet 7 inches perimeter?


Best type ??

Which organization structure between (project, Functional and Matrix) is the best to startup for a construction firm that you may be welling to start in the future and why?

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