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Cardinal Number Algebra 1


What is the cardinal number of the following set

Cardinal Number


Findng the cardinal number

{x|x is an even integer}
Cardinal Number Cardinal Numbers


help what 141 substract etc

Find the cardinal number for the following sets. A = {104 , 105, 106 , 107 ,..., 141}     B = {104 , 106 , 108 , ..., 304 }
Cardinal Number Math Math Help Survey


help with the math question, I keep getting the wrong letters in

Sakda runs a basketball program. On the first day of the season, 55 young women showed up and were categorized by age level and by preferred basketball position, as shown in the accompanying table.... more
Cardinal Number


Find the cardinal number for the following sets A = {106, 107, 108, 109,...,142} B= {106, 108, 110, . . ., 256} n(A) =

Help with this math question i can't seem to find the missing number 


Ven diagram

Given: U={a,b,c,d,e}; X={a,c,d}; Y={b,d} and Z={a,e} Find the following: a) (X’ ∪ Y)’ ∪ Z & its Cardinal# (n) b) X ∪ (Y’ ∩ Z’) & its Cardinal# (n) c) X – Z’ & its Cardinal# (n)

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