Alex M.

asked • 07/09/16

How many possible outcomes in an NBA season? (Explained further below)

This isn't a homework question but I'd still be interested to know the answer and how you get the answer. I'm a big basketball/NBA fan, I'm wondering how many possible outcomes in a season there are with A representing the home team and B being the away team. I know there are 1,230 total games in a season. I'm thinking a summation would make the most sense to use but I'm not really sure. For instance there would be 1,230 possible outcomes of A were to only win 1 game, and vice versa with B, and I think I've found out that if A or B were to win just 2 games it would be double the possible outcomes added to that total, 2,460x2. I'm not sure if it would just keep doubling or not though.

Thank you so much if you can help me out on this. Once again, not a homework thing at all, just curious.

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Richard C. answered • 07/09/16

Yes, You Can Learn Math!

Alex M.

I was more so looking for each possible combination to be its own solution. So in the case of A winning 1 game there would be 1230, but I'm looking for yhe combined total of possibilities in the case of A winning anywhere between 0-1,230 games and each game being assigned a number 1-1,230. So possibility would be A winning game #12 and game #650 would be one possibility, and A winning games #150-250 and #1,229 would be another. Sorry if this is confusing. 


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