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test statistic help

Testing:H0:μ=44.6H1:μ<44.6Your sample consists of 46 subjects, with a mean of 44.3 and standard deviation of 1.01.Calculate the test statistic, rounded to 2 decimal places.t=


Statistics question- Testing a Hypothesis (Type I and Type II errors)

Remember our bank that’s sending out DVDs to try to get customers to make payments on delinquent loans? It is looking for evidence that the costlier DVD strategy produces a higher success rate than... more


Careers in science: The General Social Survey asked 514 people whether they had ever considered a career in science, and 178 said that they had

Careers in science: The General Social Survey asked 514 people whether they had ever considered a career in science, and 178 said that they had. Can you conclude that more than 30% of people have... more


How and where to test if the JSON request objects generated by the front-end is valid?

We have built a complex Angular application that sends multiple HTTP request to a REST service that is also built in house. Since both the frontend and the backend is being developed in parallel,... more


Trying to figure out test scores.

You take a 14 week course in which your overall test score must average at 70% or above. The first 13 weeks, you take 9 tests. The 14th week, you take a comprehensive final makes up 30% of your... more

Through how many degrees will the larger wheeler rotate if the smaller one rotates 230°?

Two wheels are rotating in such a way that the rotation of the smaller wheel causes the larger wheel to rotate.The radius of the smaller wheel is 10.6 centimeters and the radius of the larger wheel... more


A graph of a line with an infinite slope is horizontal or verticals?

im really just testing this out honestly man. We will see how this goes.

Equation for carboxylic acids and their derivatives

Write an equation for the reaction of PCl5 with ethanoic acid:   and    How might testing pH followed by the reaction with PCl5 be useful in an analysis of an unknown organic compound?


What type of test should I use?

This should be easy, but I might be over thinking it. What test should I use to compare two group mean scores. I am scoring U.S. and Korea cultural values using an existing survey instrument.


Why would a person would get sick from studying for a test? What are strategies that alieve testing sickness?

What would cause this? I understand that stress can cause one to get sick on test day or after test and am used to that, but have never experience this in studying for any other test included... more

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