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Why is a Cadence important in music?

I'm confused as to what a cadence does. The only thing I understand is that like English it's a period in a sentence. Is that its primary purpose to separate pieces of thought? And how important is... more


What types of cadences work well in natural minor mode?

I am currently interested in writing a piece in the natural minor mode, and it seems like "v - i" cadence does not quite work as well as compared to the harmonic / melodic minor modes, which use "V... more


What is a "Slovenian Cadence"?

I recently acquired a large collection of music theory review materials. In it, I came across the term "Slovenian cadence." Does anyone know what this might be? Unfortunately, the review materials... more


How to write extended perfect authentic cadences?

I am currently writing a Berceuse in the style of Chopin and I noticed in a lot of his music and that of other romantic composers in the final perfect authentic cadences they repeat it multiple... more


Does every phrase in music end with a cadence?

I'm just wondering if every phrase in music ends on a Cadence? Much like every sentence in English ends with a period? I am mainly talking about common music such as pop, rock, classical,... more

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