Asked • 04/04/19

Converting midi composition into orcherstral arrangement?

I have re-discovered several of my old compositions from several years ago, and would now like to work on/finish them. Unfortunately, they are in MIDI format written in a very "un-arranged" manner, i.e., big chords with 6 or more notes played with *String Ensemble 1* or *2*, or *Synth Strings*. At the time of composition these had the advantage of quickly yielding the desired results, without the hassle of arranging for individual instruments. Now I would like to finish these projects by arranging them correctly (i.e., converting the large MIDI symphonic chords into bass, viola, string sections, ...). Eventually, I would like to "render" the arrangements using some musical software such as Garritan Personal Orchestra, and later perhaps hire musicians for a recording performance. However, the process of transcribing a 20+ minute piece note by note to the correct instruments (bass, viola, violin section(s), leads, ...) is tedious to say the least. Moreover, it entails various potential issues, such as: - Potential errors: it is likely that the "robotic" arrangement of large MIDI chords results in out-of-range notes for certain instruments due to human error (i.e., notes that are too high for the bass, too low for the violins, ...), - Doubling notes: in some cases it is advantageous for the bass to double notes played by the viola, and vice-versa. These are very time-consuming to analyze and write for thousands of notes. Finally, the couple of minutes of the score I managed to arrange **does not sound** satisfactory, i.e., it does not sound "as rich" as the original midi composition, with the large chords played by the *String Ensemble*s and the *Synth String*s. My questions are thus the following: 1. How do I efficiently transcribe/arrange such a MIDI piece into a "usable" composition, arranged correctly for a full string section involving basses, viola, violin sections, and leads, that preserves the "rich" sounding of a full MIDI chord? 2. How do I do this efficiently for a long composition, requiring the least amount of robotic "manual" work? Is there perhaps an automated solution for this, i.e., some software package?

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