Asked • 04/04/19

How do I find suitable chords for a melody or a song? Or How do I come up with chord progression?

I have spent some time reading a book that taught me different types of chords and different scales and I understand them very well. But the book didn't really expand on how to actually use these chords to write your own music. How do you find the right or suitable chords for a melody you have written, is there any rules I have to learn? When coming up with a chord progression for example, is there any rules I have to follow?or is it just what best fits and sounds right. If this is a topic that needs a lot of explanation then I totally understand. I just need to know what I should do next (get another book to learn about it, read examples to gain more experience, etc..) I know this question might have been asked a lot but in my case I don't think I need any further knowledge on more types of chords for now but just want to use apply the chords I have learnt to write my own music.

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Stanley W. answered • 04/06/19

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