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Solve this recurrence relation and find a2 and a3?

We have to recurrence relation an = 2an-1 - an-2. Find a2 and a3 if:   a) a0 = 1 and a1= 1? b) a0 = 0 and a1 = 0?  


How many terms are in the sequence -83, -66, -49, -32,...597

Not sure where to begin in order to solve this question... I have no idea how to do it 


What is the 10th term in the sequence 1,8,27,64

 Its a sequence and have been stuck on it for ages


sequence/series question. PLEASE HELP!!!!

What is 32nd term if given the following      X                 Y   1                  1 2                  3 3                  6 4                  10     Please help!!!!. I can see... more


If the sum of 20 consecutive odd integers is 120, then what is the value of the largest integer?

Please and thank you! Your help is greatly appreciated


Find a formula for the general term an of the sequence (starting with a1): {-425,536,-649,764,…}.

I want to know the answer for this question Find a formula for the general term an of the sequence (starting with a1):{−425,536,−649,764,…}.


sequences topic

two cars start together int he same direction from the same place. the first goes with the uniform speed of 10 m/h .the second goes at speed of 6 m/h in the first hour and increases the speed by... more


sequences topic

if 1/2 of the air in a tank is removed with each stroke of a vacuum pump ,what fraction of the original amount of air has been removed after 4 strokes    (a)... more


sequences topic

a company sales is described as Sn=2Sn-1 +Sn-2 +1 units , Sn represents the nth sale. if the company experienced a jump in a sale by 70 units between 4th and 5th sale .how many will it sell in the... more


sequences topic

(1) the digits of a positive integer ,having 3 digits when taken in order are in arithmetic progression and their sum is 18 .the number obtained by reversing the digits is 396 less than the... more


if the series is given as a,b,b,c,c,c,d,d,d,d ....then which term will replicate u?

(a)200 (b)210 (c)215 (d)229 (e)232


How to obtain the sum?

Find the sum of the first seven terms of the sequence. 3, 3/2, 3/4,... 3/8, 3/16, 3/32, 3/64So i get that the LCM is 64 but how do i find the sum of all the 3's? Thanks


Find the following sum: 1+2+4+8+...+2^k-1

I need help finding the next terms after 2^k-1


Find the indicated term for each sequence, whose general term is given.



Sequences, Find a general term

Find a general term an for each sequence, whose first four termsare given.    3, 7, 11, 15       ------------------------------------------------------- Q: What is the formula for this type... more


Find the indicated term for each sequence, whose general term is given.



the population at west is decreasing at a rate of 1% annually. find the number of students in 13 years.

the unit is sequence and i have to have the equation in explicit form, and know how to plug. but i get stuck there. A1= 2462 is the first year they open of students.



what is the next number in this sequence  


Evaluate enter only the sum

S21for 23+20+17+14+.....


Find the first terms of the sequence given the following recursive formula

a1 =8, a2=-3, and an=2an-1+an-2 for n≥3 enter the terms separated by commas


Find the explicit formula that produces the given sequences



Find the 29th term



An Isotope has a half-life of 15 days. Make a table showing the half-life of this isotope from 32 g to 1 g. List the time (in days,starting with t = 0) in the

...in the first column and the mass remaining in the second column. Which type of sequence is used in the first column and in the second column?   I do not know where to begin on solving this... more


Find the next two terms in the following sequence

13,-5,-35,-77,... enter the terms separated by a comma


Find the 11th term in geometric sequence

a3 is24 and a5 is 96

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