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How to find the common ratio, the common difference and the first four terms of a geometric sequence and a arithmetic sequences, if

The first term of the geometric sequence is 4, while 2 is the first term ofan arithmetic sequence.And, if the common ratio of the geometric sequence equals the common difference of the arithmetic... more
Arithmetic Sequence


find the 35th term for the arithmetic sequence 12, 20, 28

Arithmetic Sequence Math Find The Value Of X


Find the value of x

Find the value of x so that 6x-1, 3/2x+4, x-3 form the first three terms of an arithmetic sequence.formula given is d=a2-a1=a3-a2
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math precalculus 12

If an arithmetic series has a = 13.7 and t3 = 12.3, then determine S3.
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Write a formula for the general term​ (the nth​ term) of the arithmetic sequence

Write a formula for the general term​ (the nth​ term) of the arithmetic sequence below. Then use the formula for an to find a20​, the 20th term of the sequence.2,5,8,11...
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arithmetic sequences and series

Find the indicated term of each arithmeticsequence.18. a10 for –1, 1, 3, ...
Arithmetic Sequence Algebra 2


Find a1 if s20=450 d=5

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I'm having trouble figuring out what to do with this...

Given the first term a1, and the common difference d of an arithmetic sequence, find the next five terms. a1= 6a+2, d= 3-2a
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Find the term of 2,6,10,14,...?

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Algebraic form of 5 8 11 14

5,8,11,14Position=1 2 3 4Term =5 8 11 14 Xn=
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Terms,Arithmetic sequence

The 16th term of an arithmetic sequence is 67 and the 301st term of the same sequence is 1207 (a) calculate the common difference and the first term(b) simplify the formula for the general term(c)... more
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Geometric sequence

 Let x-2, x, x+3 be the first 3 terms of a geometric sequence. Find the value of x.. Please help, been trying to do this for hours and cant come uyp with a good answer, any help would be extremely... more
Arithmetic Sequence


The sum of the 1st and 17th terms of an arithmetic sequence is 40.the sum of its 1st and 18th terms is 43.what is it's common difference.

10th class,scert ,first terminal examination  
Arithmetic Sequence


The sum of first 6 terms of an arithmetic sequence is 99.its 6th term is 39.what is the sum of its 3rd and 4th terms?

10th  class, scert, first terminal examination 2018-2019
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arithmetic sequence question !!!

Assume that a1,a2,a3,....ak form an arithmetic sequence. If we have a5 + a8 + a11 = 10 , a7 + a10 + a13 = 12  , and ak=11 , the k=      ????    
Arithmetic Sequence


The terms 5+x, 8, and 1+2x are consecutive terms in an arithmetic sequence. Determine the value of x and state the three terms.

Arithmetic Sequence question


Arithmetic series/sequence simple problem

  I have to use term or sum arithmetic series/sequence formulas to solve the 3 parts of this problem, but I don't understand how to convert the numbers provided into a usable equation.   An... more
Arithmetic Sequence


What is the common difference in the arithmetic sequence -2, -5, -8, -11, -14?

What is the common difference in the arithmetic sequence -2, -5, -8, -11, -14?
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Eric and Marina each wrote two or three poems everyday. Over a period of time, Eric wrote 43 poems while Marina wrote 61.

 How many days were in this period of time?  18,19,20,21, or 22 days   Thanks so much
Arithmetic Sequence


If S19 = 570 and A1= -6 in an arithmic sequence find d, and A30

If S19 = 570 and A1= -6 in an arithmic sequence find d, and A30
Arithmetic Sequence


what is the 25th term of the arithmetic sequence 3,7,11,15,19

Using an=a1+(n-1)d
Arithmetic Sequence


What must be the value of k so that 5k-3,k+2, and 3k-11 will form an arithmetic sequence?


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