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Question about Redox Balancing Rxn.

Balance the redox reaction.Indicate the reducing agent and the oxidizing agent for each reaction.Cr2O72- + U4+ → Cr3+ + UO22+ (acidic)


Chemistry - Kinetics

Fe2+ reacted much faster than C2O42- when mixed into a reaction. What can you can do to slow down the rate of reaction of Fe2+? Explain in detail the method used to slow down the reaction rate.

Chemistry question about ionic compound

In chemistry, any ionic compound (soluble or insoluble) that is formed from a reaction between an acid and a base is called a(n) _________. ionic compound substance salt product neutralization


Use Hess's Law to calculate the heat of reaction for the following reaction :

A + 3B —> 3C + 2DA + 28 —> C+ D H= -20 kJ B —> 2C+ D H= -45 kJ (ANSWER CHOICE )a. -65 kJb. +65 kJc. -25 kJd. +25 kJ
Reaction Chemistry Enthalpy


Enthalpy Change Given 3 Reactions & Their Enthalpy Changes

Use the enthalpy changes given in the data below to calculate the enthalpy change for this reaction:Ca(OH)2(s) → CaO(s) + H2O(g)Data: Reaction no. Reaction ΔrH° / kJ mol-1 at 298K, standard state... more

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