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What is the Orton-Gillingham method?

I would like to better understand what is the Orton-Gillingham method and how does is differ from any other pedagogies?

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Taylor W. | Taylor W. Dyslexia/Reading and English TutorTaylor W. Dyslexia/Reading and English T...
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Wilson Reading Program is a fabulous resource!  However, whether it states it or not, Wilson actually uses the Orton-Gillingham Approach in its technique and materials.  OG is an original, steadfast method.
The Orton-Gillingham approach will work for a student it is an evidence-based program that has helped dyslexics since the 1920’s with its eight key principles.

*  It is language based, a technique of studying and teaching language, understanding the nature of human language, the mechanisms involved in learning, and the language-learning processes in individuals.
*  It uses multisensory activities, including auditory, visual, and kinesthetic elements that reinforce each other.
Orton-Gillingham introduces the elements of the language systematically.  Students begin by reading and writing in sound isolation.  Then they blend sounds into syllables and words.  Consonants, vowels, digraphs, blends and diphthongs are learned sequentially.  Then they go to syllable types, roots and affixes.  Finally, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension are addressed in the same structured, cumulative way.  As the student is taught new material, they are always in review of the old until it is demonstrated with automaticity.

*  It is a cognitive approach, in that its students learn about the history of the English language and study the rules and exceptions of its structure, and how they can proficiently apply it for themselves.  It is flexible so that the teacher can study and understand each student to develop appropriate reading strategies, individually.
* It is a psychologically sound experience that rewards students with a high degree of success and gains in confidence, as well as skills, in every lesson. 
*  from my certification essay for the San Diego Dyslexia Training Institute, 13'.
Jacki S. | Elementary and Special Educator as a Summer and ongoing TutorElementary and Special Educator as a Sum...
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This is a program that teaches phonics and reading instruction explicitly through a prescribed, multisensory, language based method. It was originally created for students with special needs and has been revised and adapted over the years. It is now not as popular as a similar program called the "Wilson" program for reading instruction. You can find more information on this through google.