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Variation equation

If y varies directly as x, find the constant of variation k and the direct variation equation for the situation. y=3 when x=6


Find the exact circumference

Find the exact circumference and area of the circle  The radius is 11cm find the exact circumference in cm and the area in sq cm


Find the speed of the plane

A plan flies 420 miles with the wind and 350 miles against the wind in the same length of time . If the speed is 15mph, find the speed of the plane still in the air.  


Calculation Body Mass

Calculating body-mass index (BMI) is a way to gauge whether a person should lose weight. Doctors recommend that body-mass index values fall between 19 and 25. The formula for Body mass index B is... more


What would be the correct graph of the solution to the inequality -13 > -5 + 2 > -28

There is a list of graphs and i thought I got my answer right but none of the answers match. I thought the answer was -3 > x > -6. Is that wrong or is there something wrong with the question???? more


What's 5/6 plus 2 1/6 in simplest form ?

A green iguana is 5/6 foot long when it is born.During it's first year of life,it grows 2 1/6 feet.How long is the green iguana at the end of the first year?


2/x>=-3 SOLVE

Solve the following inequality. Graph the solution set and write it in interval notation.   2/3X>=-3    


This month Jane saved 5 times as much as she did last month. If she saved $60 last month, how much did she save this month?

IF she saved $60 last month, how much did she save this month? X


Please can someone answer this

please help Find the equation of a line with a slope of 3/4 that goes through the point (8, 2).
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