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what is the minimum value of X 

in golf a typical hole is about 400-yards-long, while the cup measures a 4.25 inches in diameter. Suppose that, with every swing, you hit the ball X percent closer to the center of the hole. For... more


how many guesses should you expect to make to guess the secret word?

In Guess My Word each day, there is a secret word, and you try to guess it as efficiently as possible by typing in other words. After each guess, you are told whether the secret word is... more


Formula for radius of planets barycenter using only orbit time and acceleration as input.

I need a formula for a project to calculate the distance to the barycenter between two bodies from the main orbital body. I do not have the mass of either of the two bodies. But I do have the... more


If Wilson knows Karen is disqualified then he is obliged to report this to the board.

I need this in symbolic form


Use De Morgan’s law to write a negation of the statement

A man runs across the street and he does not get hit by a car
Logic Math Algebra


Determine the truth value of the statement (p ^ q) => ~q if A. both p and q are true B. Both p and q are false

Determine the truth value of the statement (p ^ q) => ~q ifA. both p and q are trueB. Both p and q are false
Logic Math Geometry


What’s the greatest value of k for which you should use four posts rather than three?

Quarantined in your apartment, you decide to entertain yourself by building a large pen for your pet hamster. To create the pen, you have several vertical posts, around which you will wrap a sheet... more

philosophy logic (Natural Deduction in Propositional Logic )

If high-tech products are exported to Russia, then domestic industries will benefit. If the Russians can effectively utilize high-tech products, then their standard of living will improve. So, if... more

philosophy logic (Natural Deduction in Propositional Logic )

If jails are overcrowded, then dangerous suspects will be released on their own recognizance. If jails are overcrowded and dangerous suspects are released on their own recognizance, then crime will... more

philosophy logic (Natural Deduction in Propositional Logic )

Either deposits should be required on beer and soft drink containers, or these containers will be discarded along highways and the countryside will look like a dump. If these containers will be... more

philosophy logic (Natural Deduction in Propositional Logic)

If government deficits continue at their present rate and a recession sets in, then interest on the national debt will become unbearable and the government will default on its loans. If a recession... more

philosophy - logic (Natural Deduction in Propositional Logic)

If astronauts spend long periods in zero gravity only if calcium is reabsorbed in their bodies, then astronauts on a Mars voyage will arrive with brittle bones. If astronauts attempt a voyage to... more
Logic Math


Does 2 + 2 equal 4.00 ?

Does 2 + 2 equal 4.00 ?I know that two and two make four, all as exact quantities, but the notation given implies we don't have as much measured precision on the 2s as on 4.00 .


More help would be greatly appreciated. On average, how long are the pieces that contain the 6-inch mark?

A Manufacturing Company makes all sorts of mathematical tools: compasses, protractors, slide rules — you name it!Recently, there was an issue with the production of foot-long rulers. It seems that... more
Logic Math Geometry


Help! What is the greatest number of white squares you can place so that each covers part of the blue square without overlapping one another?

You have a large pile of squares that each have a side length of 1 inch. One square is blue, while all the other squares are white. You want to arrange several white squares so they cover part of... more


Very difficult problem. I would greatly appreciate more help. What is the expected value of (1+1)^4?

We usually think of addition as an operation applied to the rational numbers or the real numbers. Now suppose we defined addition another way, using a classic model organism: the nematode. To... more


Why is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter always pi?

Why is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter always pi?Are there exceptions to this?


Discrite mathematics

1.(a) Prove that if x > 3 and y > 4, then xy > 11. [3 Marks](b) Determine the range of f, if f : D → R, where f(x) = x [5 Marks] 2.I. D = ((2, 2) II. D = [[ 7, 2]III. D = ((4, 2](c) Proof... more
Logic Math Algebra


Can 2 + 2 = 5 ? More help would be appreciated!

Are there any mathematical axioms that would allow 2 + 2 = 5 ?Why is 2 + 2 = 4 always assumed to be true?is this a situation in which people might find it useful to say that 2+2=5 ? Suppose you are... more


Will computer reach human intelligence in the near future?



Discrete Mathematics

In the remote village of Kandang, there are only three villagers, Bee, Cee, and Gee. One fine day, you visited Kandang village because you heard about the story that the village consists of Lembu,... more
Logic Math


Thank you for the help. Thank you for the help.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Probability - Thank you for answering

thank you very much for the help!
Logic Math Algebra


What is the sum of the 1001st to 1006st digits of the decimal representation of 1/13 ?

What is the sum of the 1001st to 1006st digits of the decimal representation of 1/13 ?

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