Hin W.

asked • 08/05/15

Simple Logic Questions, please help!

I have a question about this statement below, let say if the startdate is 1/1/2013 and the enddate is 2/1/2013, the month is less than 6 months. Then the startdate changed to 8/1/2012. But what if the start date is at least six month earlier than the end date, does it mean I still need to change my start date like the example above?
- Update startdate, increase one month each. But startdate should be at least six month earlier than enddate
- Update enddate to the date of execution
startdate: 1/1/2013
enddate: 2/1/2013
Month's difference is 1, there for 1/1/2013 will change to 8/1/2012
What if:
startdate: 1/1/2013
enddate: 10/1/2013
what will the start date be? will it stay as 1/1/2013?

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