Kelani A.

asked • 03/10/16

stoichiometry problem

Mg + NaF → MgF2 + Na

-If you start with 5.5 grams of sodium fluoride, how many grams of magnesium fluoride will be produced if there is no error?
-Determine how many formula units of sodium fluoride are needed if 4.01 grams of magnesium fluoride are produced and there is no error and 100% yield is achieved.
-How many formula units of sodium fluoride are needed to react with 8.8 moles of magnesium?

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Tony D. answered • 03/10/16

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former chemistry, physics , math teacher

Luis M.

This was perfectly set up thank you. But one question, do you divide the original mass by the molecular mass, then the bottom mole ratio, then multiply it by the molecular mass of the unknown substance? Ill use A.) as an example: 5.5g ÷ 42.0g ÷ 2*62.3g because I got 4.0791 for my answer and im confused if im doing it correctly. Any tips?


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