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0.100 mol·L-1 NaAc solution. what is the pH?


How to make a buffer?

So I have to make a 0.02 M Sodium Phosphate buffer @ pH of 7, easy enough I use monosodium and disodium phosphate as the acid and base, I used the henderson hasselbach equation. But now I have to... more


Effective buffer range?

The Ka for a hypothetical weak acid HX is 3.1 x 10-5. Buffer solutions containing HX and NaX could be prepared to make a range of pH values. What would be the lower and upper pH values of the... more


Buffer Solution

Starting with a 1.00 L of a buffer thatis 1.00 M in acetic acid and 1.00 M in sodium acetate, calculate the pH after the addition of 0.100 mole of NaOH. (assume that the addition does not change... more

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