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Any way to toggle between two strings using one piece of JavaScript?

I want to do something like if(something.val() == 'string1') { something.val('string2'); } else if(something.val() == 'string2') { something.val('string1') } But in one line of code. I... more


Determine if two strings are similar in Javascript?

Let's say I have two strings, is there any way to check if they are at least 90% similar? var string1 = "theBoardmeetstoday,tomorrow51"; var string2 = "Board meets today, tomorrow"; Thanks, Tegan more


Is AngularJs client side or server side?


What is difference between JavaScript and jquery?


need help with this javascript code

Create an array that stores the names of five dogs.Using a loop, evaluate an array index for even numbers. If the value is even, then output "dog name is a good dog", and if it is an odd number,... more


Why is JavaScript useful for front end developers?


Is react frontend or backend?


Is JavaScript front end or backend?


Source code editor for HTML/CSS/JS with projects support?

I am looking for a source code editor with the support for: - Javascript, HTML, CSS syntax highlighting - Auto-completion, Source formatting (for the above languages) - 'Projects' where you can... more


Is PHP front end or back end?


What is difference between angular js and JavaScript?


What is front end and back end web development?


What is difference between JavaScript and jquery?


Modify a program from Fahrenheit to Celsius and meters to yards

This is about JavaScript and I need write a code similar to the one I was given or worked with in class. I would like help with where to begin.


Hi am new to javascript and would like to know what I did wrong

var User = prompt('Pick Temp Username');//Page always shows the Null message even if the user put something in the boxif (User =! null){document.write('User didnt put username');}else... more


Your Questions What will be the code for complete and responsive shopping cart using HTML and JavaScript?

i want some code in javascript when i add product to cart, it should be like amazon, flipkart and other ecommerce sites.


Does anyone know how to put words into javascript?

The statement is: If the sum of a numbers digit is a multiple of 3, then that number can be divided by 3.  



var max = 8;var min = 2;var value = 8;if ( value < max ) {while (value <= max) {value++;}}else {while (value >= min) {value--;}}alert(value);   What value will appear in the alert box?


JavaScipt question

can someone take a look at this please? if me hit once, dragon hits back.   i'ts not doing something right     function Hit() { var damage1 = Me.damage(); var damage2 = Dragon.damage(); var... more


How to I change a switch operation on a string to work in eclipse 1.6?

This is the code I have:   public static double monthly(String month) { switch (month) { case "01": return .5; case "07": return .5; default: return 1; } }   However, eclipse does't allow... more


how would i write a javascript code for a temperature convert?

heres the HTML file: <!DOCTYPE html><html><head> <title>Temperature Converter</title> <script type="text/javascript"... more


Explain when you would use a while loop rather than a for loop and vice versa. Provide an example of one such instance.

Explain when you would use a while loop rather than a for loop and vice versa. Provide an example of one such instance. How are looping statements different from selection statements?
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