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Find the improper integral?

Find the improper integral of dx/x^5 from 1 to infinity. Answer: 1/4


Find the integral?

Find ∫ (sin(6x))2(cos(6x))2 dx.


Could you help me to find a solution for this integral?

int {1/(x^2 Sqrt[1 - b^2/x^2 + (k/E) (exp[-2 a (x - c)] - 2 exp[-a (x - c)])])} dx   a,b,c,E,k are parameters


Evaluate the integral... Se^(3x)cos(2x)dx S=Integral

Se^(3x)cos(2x)dx  S=Integral


Definite Integral best method to double check answers?

A problem I am dealing with is finding the Definite Integral, from 1 to 2, of (4x^3 – 3x^2) dx: I understand that you integrate, Plug in upper limit then subtract lower limit. my answer comes out... more


Find a formula involving integrals?

Find a formula involving integrals for a particular solution of y'''-y"+y'-y=g(t). Answer: Y(t)=(1/2)∫(from to to t) [e^(t-s)-sin(t-s)-cos(t-s)]g(s)ds


Evaluate the double integral?

Evaluate the double integral from 0 to 1 and x^2 to 1 of (x^3)(sin(y^3)) dy dx by reversing the order of integration. I know how to solve the integral, I just don't know how to set up the new... more


How do you find the equation to an integral when the equation is not given but the answer to the integral is?

int; integral sign Find int (bottom: -3 top: -5.5) (8*f(x)-9)dx when int (bottom:-5.5 top:-3) f(x)dx = -2 Also; let int (bottom: -8 top: -0.5) f(x)dx =8 int (bottom: -8 top: -5.5) f(x)dx =... more


Anti derivative for : cos^2xsin^3x

Find the antiderivative for cosine sqaured x multiplied by sin to the cubed x (cosx)^2 times (sinx)^3


how to solve integral of x^2 dx/x^6+3x^3+2

well, I have trouble with this problem! Where should I start?


how do u deal with the 1 in integral(from 0 to 3) (1+sqrt(9-x^2)dx

how to solve with extra addend 1 in the integral?
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