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Double Integral Calculus Integrals Area


Double integral - calculating area

Calculate the area of the region bounded by the two curves, y = 4 - x2 and y = x + 2.   The answer is meant to be 9/2 but I just cannot get it!!! Maybe my bounds are incorrect.... help!
Double Integral


Evaluate the iterated integral ?(from 0?4)?(from 0?2) (x²+y²)dydx.

Calculus 3: Double Integrals: the first integral ranges from 0 to 4. the second integral from 0 to 2.
Double Integral Multivariable Calculus


Can The Following Double Integral Be Evaluated or Can It Only Be Approximated Numerically

∫∫ √(4v2 + 4u2 + 1) dvdu, with limits of integration 0≤v≤1 & 0≤u≤2 *Note: the entire expression is supposed to be under the square root symbol   I have tried every integration technique I... more
Double Integral


Double Integrals

Evaluate the double integral over the given region R. ∫∫ xyexy^2 dA R: 0≤x≤2, 0≤y≤1
Double Integral Volume Beneath A Surface


Calculus 3

find the volume of the region bounded above by the plane z=y/2 and below  by the rectangle R:0≤x≤4, 0≤y≤2.


Please help Calculate the iterated integral (double)

0∫2(0∫¶/2 xsin(y)dy)dx

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