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Definite Integration Integration Calculus 1


Definite Integral Evaluation

∫30 x2 Sqrt(x+1) dx ?
Definite Integration


estimating definite integral

absolute  value of ∫(sinx)/(1+x8) from 10 to 19 is less than 10-10 10-11 10-7 10-9
Definite Integration Calculus


how to integrate √[ (1+y)/(1-y) ]dy from -1 to 0

integrate √[ (1+y)/(1-y) ]dy   from -1 to 0    the answer is: (pi/2) -1
Definite Integration Integral Calculus Calculus 1


What is ∫-7^-1 f(x)dx?

suppose that f(x) is an even function and let ∫0^1 f(x)dx = 5 and ∫0^7 f(x)dx = 1. What is ∫-7^-1 f(x)dx?   This is my work   I expand ∫-7^-1 f(x)dx to F(-1) - F(-7)   F(-1) - F(-7) is the... more
Definite Integration Math Calculus Integrals


What M value should I use? (how do i find it)

I was asked to calculate the area between two functions, y=e^x and y=x using midpoint riemann sums from 0-2 with n=4. so i found my answer by subtracting the second sum from the first. The second... more
Definite Integration


I need help to this problem!!

Integral of tan inverse of x divided by x, limits are from 1/2014 to 2014
Definite Integration Calculus Physics Parabolas


If I have a spinning bowl of water...

A spinning liquid of any sort forms a paraboloid; a three dimensional parabolic shape. Therefore, you can apply the physics principles relating to centripetal motion to any mass, m, on the surface... more
Definite Integration Integral Calculus


If f' is continuous on [a,b], show that

2∫ab f(x)f'(x)dx=[f(b)]2-[f(a)]2
Definite Integration Calculus Integrals U Substitution


Definite Integral with U-Substitution

I have an integral with ∫ (b=0, a=-1) and the inside function is (2t)/[(3+t2)3]dt. The directions tell me to "Evaluate the definite integral by making a u-substitution and integrating from u(a) to... more
Definite Integration Calculus


Definite integral question

Calculate the integral of:  cos [2x] π. cos πx dx From 0 to 1.
Definite Integration Calculus Integration


Integral limit definition

No limit is visible in integral notation, but integration is defined in terms of a limit.  Give the definition; explain what is being limited, and how this allows an integral to calculate the exact... more
Definite Integration Integral Calculus Integration



show that ∫dx/(2+3sinx) [upper limit pi/2, lower limit 0] = ∫dt/((t+ 3/2)2 - (√5/2)2) [ upper limit 1, lower limit 0]     I know that sin(x) = 2t/(t2+1), where t = tan(x/2) but i cannot get the... more
Definite Integration Calculus Integrals Integral Calculus


Indefinite/Definite Integrals

I need help solving a couple of indefinite/definite integrals. It seems all of my homework problems have done the less complicated ones so I'm not sure how to do these ones:First problem:... more
Definite Integration Integrals Integral


Cubic curve integral - area enclosing curve and x-axis

The curve is x^3-6x^2+11x-6. I have to prove that the two regions enclosed between the x-axis and the curve are equal. Given is, that the curve cuts the x-axis at x=1,x=2 and x=3. I tried finding... more
Definite Integration


integrate 0 to pi/2 xsinx/1+ cos2x

definite integral question
Definite Integration Calculus Integrals


Express limit as definite integral?

limit as n goes to infinity.   n Σ     i4/n5     on interval [0,1] i=1   Options are:  1             1              1            7          1 ∫  1/x5  , ∫  1/x4    , ∫  x4   ,   ∫  x5  ... more
Definite Integration


how do the constants of integration cancel out during definite integration

how do the constants of integration cancel out during definite integration. please answer these.


Definite Intergrals

Approximate the area of the region bounded by the graph of f(x)= cos (t/2-7pi/8) and the t-axis on [7pi/8, 15pi/8] with n=4 sub intervals. Use the midpoint of each sub interval to determine the... more
Definite Integration


Calculus question

Find each definite integral    top:3 bottom:0 (square root) y+1dy     top:3 bottom:2 1/e^x Dx

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