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Indefinite Integral problem

Hello I need some help with this problem because I've already tried solving and putting -3cos(x) + 15ln|sec(x)| for my answer and -3cos(x) - 15ln|cos(x)| but my WebWork won't accept it because it... more
Indefinite Integrals Calculus


Find the general indefinite integral (question in despription)

∫(t2-2t÷t4)dt   my teacher got: -1/t -2t +c  but i got: -1/t +1/t2 +c


calculus question, need help please!

Let R be the region in R^2 enclosed by the curve y = x^2 + 3 and the line y = 4x + 3.   a)  Write the area of R as a definite integral.   b)  Calculate the area of R.
Indefinite Integrals Antiderivative Derivatives Calculus 2


If f is a function such that f ' (x) = - f(x)

then ∫ x f(x) dx =
Indefinite Integrals Calculus Physics Parabolas


If I have a spinning bowl of water...

A spinning liquid of any sort forms a paraboloid; a three dimensional parabolic shape. Therefore, you can apply the physics principles relating to centripetal motion to any mass, m, on the surface... more
Indefinite Integrals


indefinite integrals

Hi Team,   Any help with the questions below would be greatly appreciated.   f(x)=(3x^5+15xsqrtx-48e^(-2x)+(48/1+x^2))dx   Thanks in advance     Michael
Indefinite Integrals Calculus


Indefinite Integral

Integral of {x+1}/{x(1+xe^x)^2} dx Please help. 
Indefinite Integrals Integration Calculus 2


Set up an intefral for the length of the curve.

y=3cos(x), 0≤x≤pi
Indefinite Integrals Calculus Integrals Integration


Indefinite Integral

Can someone help me solve for this indefinite integral?:   (u^2 + u)/(2u^3 + 3u^2 + 1)^(2/3)   Thank you!
Indefinite Integrals Calculus Integrals Integral Calculus


Indefinite/Definite Integrals

I need help solving a couple of indefinite/definite integrals. It seems all of my homework problems have done the less complicated ones so I'm not sure how to do these ones:First problem:... more
Indefinite Integrals Calculus Integrals Integral Calculus


Indefinite Integral

I need help solving a couple of indefinite integrals. It seems all of my homework problems have done the less complicated ones so I'm not sure how to due these ones:   First problem: (integral... more
Indefinite Integrals Calculus


Calculus + Indefinite Integral

∫3xe5x^2 dx   I got the answer: 3e5x^2/10+C   My webwork keeps telling me my answer is wrong but I'm not sure why.
Indefinite Integrals Math Algebra 2 Calculus


Finding profit function with integration with fixed costs! Help!

Suppose the marginal cost function (=supply curve) for these cell phone subscriptions is given by: p= C'(q)= 12.417 + 0.8884q p= domain input q= output. a) assume the fixed cost for these cell... more


Given the substitution, prove the integral is true

Given that u = Pi - x , prove that the integral from 0 to Pi of x*f(Sin(x)) dx is equal to (Pi/2) * the integral from 0 to Pi of f(Sin(x)) dx   I took the derivative of U and got du = 0-1dx,... more
Indefinite Integrals Integration U Substitution


Integration by u substitution help

I need to solve the indefinite integral, however it must be by the u - sub method.     ∫(x2+2)(x-1)7dx   Im guessing this is not the best way, however by tutor tells me it can be done the u sub... more
Indefinite Integrals


indefinite integral of (tan^2(x))^1/3sec^2(x)dx

Find the indefinite integral and simplify your result. Please show step-by-step result.

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