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With what frequency does the spring oscillate?

Suppose that a weight on a spring has initial position s(0) and period P. If s(0) = -5 in. and P = 2.5 sec, find afunction s given by s(t) = a cos ωtthat models the displacement of the... more
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forget how to solve for x with final exam coming up

1) solve for x a)log2√8 b)logx125=3/2 c)log2(x-4) - log2(x+2)=4 d)log2(x2-2x)7=21
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Help! Please! Biology final question and I can't find anywhere in the book or online.

is it a set list of steps? Is it a formula? I cannot find it anywhere and its on my biology final. What steps are followed to sequence the gene for sickle cell anemia?  Thank you in advance!!
Final Exams Review Precalculus Word Problem


Precalculus word problem for final exam review

Jerry kicks a soccer ball 160 m with a max height 40 m. How high is the soccer ball when it is 145 m from jerry?   i realize this may be hard to explain via electronics but anything helps I want... more
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Exact value Precalc review

Give the EXACT value of the following.   a)sin 135 b)cos 240 c)tan 330   i missed this unit seems easy though. I would assume you just type that into a calculator? But that seems too simple... more
Final Exams Review


At what interest rate, compunded annually will an amount of money double itself in 12 years?

At what interest rate, compunded annually will an amount of money double itself in 12 years?

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