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Final Grade


My grade is at a 72.33% and the final is a 10% of my grade and just say if I get a 0 on my test. What will my grade be.

My grade is at a 72.33% and the final is 10% of my grade so just say if I get a 0. what will my grade be?


Sociology question

In ancient Greece and Rome, slavery was most often based on three factors. Which of thefollowing was not one of the three major factors? a. race b. debt c. crime d. war


Final grade

I have a 68 for the end of the year and my final exam is 10% of the overall grade. Say I get a 48 how low would my grade drop.

Someone please help me with these questions

A person is standing on top of a skyscraper would be approximately 0.34 mi high.Use 3959 mi as the radius of the earth.How far out could the person see?Round to the nearest mile.269234 Mi1Mi51mi2.A... more


Help! Please! Biology final question and I can't find anywhere in the book or online.

is it a set list of steps? Is it a formula? I cannot find it anywhere and its on my biology final. What steps are followed to sequence the gene for sickle cell anemia?  Thank you in advance!!


What is the height of a tree wose volume is 960m^3 and the girth is 2m?

The volume (V) of wood in a tree varies jointly as the height (h) of the tree and the square of the girth (g). If the volume of a redwood tree is 216m^3 when the height is 30m and the girth is 1.5m.

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