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What is the best sentence to add after sentence 4 to further develop the idea that a safer approach is needed?

This is an ela question on a mastery test I took, and yeah can you you help me answer it.
Ela/english Ela


What was the pen name of Samuel Clemens, author of The Adventures of Tom Sawer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

William Marcy Tweed Thomas Nast Ely Beach Mark Twain
Ela/english Vocabulary Writing Ela


Please make a story using 10 of the words below ASAP

authorize culprit dawdle dissect expend fatality gullible illicit immerse inflammatory memorandum pathetic persevere prevaricate quash relish reminisce scour tribute writhe


What is the primary reason for beavers to have teeth with a chisel

What is the primary reason for beavers to have teeth with a chisel 
Ela/english Reading Literature Ela


Where is the thesis statement in Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech?

I'm having trouble trying to find his statement in the text, when I do find it, I'm suppose to rewrite it in plain language, I can do that, it is just that every sentence seems to be his thesis!... more


What is the best way to change this sentence from passive voice to active voice? The multitalented guitarist, Francisco, was chosen by the band to be their lead

A Chosen was the multitalented guitarist Francisco, by the band, to be their lead singer.B Francisco, the multitalented guitarist, was chosen, by the band, to be their lead singer.C Francisco, the... more


Which of the following sentences is written in passive voice?

A.The sets will have to be designed before they can be made.B. Kara designed the sets before the crew made them.C. A teacher designed the sets before the students made them.D. Before people could... more


What three ordered pairs for a direct variation relationship where y=12 and when x=16

Hello i need help on my homework and i would really appreciate if you helped me thank you very much

Does Anyone Know How Many Schools In Our Country Let Their Students Eat Lunch Outside?

I Need To Know For A Project By Tomorrow. 


Subjects and Predicates 2: 7th grade Ela/English in Missouri

I am trying to help my 7th grader understand his homework.  I have been out of school to long.     Blanchard successfully made the first human parachute drop in 1793.   Blanchard is the subject... more

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